Thursday, May 6, 2010


I had surgery on my adenoids yesterday.  I had the distinction of the being the only patient under the age of 5 having the surgery.  I had to be mostly brave as all the little ones were wheeled in with their spiderman jammies.  I was doing okay until they couldn't find a vein for the IV.  They stuck me three times before they brought in the big guns and had to put the IV in the wrist.  I was head to toe sweating and ready to pass out.  Although I did not wake up throwing up, I did wake up woosy and slept almost all of yesterday. I have a wicked sore throat today but am sure that I'll be feeling better soon.

All this because I lost my hearing with a nasty ear infection this winter.  I guess when you take out your adenoids, it can also cause you to stop snoring.  Jan is hoping for this to happen!

So, I'll be on the couch for the next few days.  Maybe I'll get all my correcting done and finish a few projects I started at CKC.  Or maybe I'll just take lots of naps.  We'll see.......

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  1. Glad it went well. Enjoyed my time in Concord with you. Hope you get all the correcting done. Happy Mother's Day to you both.