Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Mini-Book

We have this WONDERFUL and FABULOUS teacher leaving Concord High for some crazy insane reason.  We've been team teaching for three years and he is off to get his doctorate and do a little consulting.  So, in honor of his leaving, I wrote a little funny mini-book about all the things he'll miss about CHS.  Here is the cover page (which is my favorite part of the book):
I just took some black paper I had and divided it in half.  Then, I found some cardstock for the cover.  A few thickers and I was all set.  Sometimes simple gets it done. 
Another page about how sometimes you need a bit of caffeine to get you through a school day:

Another page:
I love that this page I made my own "paper" which says "I love Twilight" and "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob".  This is the strip in the middle of the page.  I also hand drew the lips and drew on the line and fangs.  I guess what I like about it is that I created my own supplies and it was SO EASY!  This "paper" could be created with all sorts of words.  Try it!

So fun for a quick weekday project!

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