Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kennebunk visit and Beach Layout

Elliot went and stayed with Grammie and Grampie on Friday again (second time in two weeks) because his daycare was closed for conferences.  Instead of picking him up at the half way point between Grammie and Grampie's, I drove the whole way so that I could help Mom move some furniture.  It happened that Mom and Dad had a party to attend to so Elliot and I found ourselves out in Kennebunkport on a Friday night.  It was a walk down memory lane and Elliot is just old enough that he wanted to hear some of my stories.
We ate a Alison's in Dock Square because the sub place closed earlier than I thought.  Elliot said the chicken was "the best he ever had" which is big for a kid who eats almost nothing. 

The famous sign in the port.  Elliot said he thought that famous people put out signs for where they lived so they could have visitors.  I thought that was an excellent idea.  

We also peered in the windows of the gift shop below which was the former site of my first job at an Italian resteraunt called Gitano's that had the best pizza, cannoli's, and fettucini alfredo that I have EVER eaten.  Anyone who has ever ate there can't help but miss it.  I grew up in the place from dishwasher to busgirl to hostess to cookie baker at the owner's wife's shop which was called the Cookie Loft.  This is where I learned that I am not so great on the phone when there is a  lot going on.  My boss made a rule that when the phone rang, Jilly couldn't answer it and a waitress had to grab it.  I was the youngest worker with a bunch of older, way cooler college kids and I just soaked it in.  I used to come home reeking of garlic.  It was hard work but I loved it.  Oh, I miss Gitanos so!

The ride home while Elliot conked out in the back.   I tried not to drive off the road while taking in but he was just SO DARN CUTE!  We drove home for a Saturday night craft night.  Here is the one layout that is not from one of the many kits I've been working on lately:

It's a little on the simple side and you don't get the colors in this picture.  It's all whites, silver, gray, greens just like the beach in the fall.  This is my FAVORITE time of year to walk the beach. I just love it!  It's quiet and calming.  Seems like an ode to Kennebunk, Maine right here.  I had forgotten how stunningly beautiful the town is.  The trees are just out and covered in new green leaves and everything just looks gorgous.  Did I appreciate it in high school?  Probably not.  Isn't that the way it is?  Sometimes things are just wasted on the young.  

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  1. I like the layout!! And the picture of Elliot asleep in the back. So cute.

    And I never really appreciated Maine until I moved away. And now we're dying to get back!!!!! I can't wait :)