Thursday, April 1, 2010

What made March March- A review in pictures

So, here is what made my March march.  It seems hard to believe that the month has flown by (and thank goodness that it is now April, and that is no April fools.) So, the images are from left to right top to bottom row: 1. Homemade crowns for Prince Elliot and Princess Phoebe 2. Crocuses that came up in our yard on their own 3. Watching Mama play soccer at Fieldhouse Sports 4. Rosy at Scrappin' Soul Sisters when we scrapbooked 5. My new flannel fabric stash from Marden's that needs to be made into a quilt 6. Flat Stanley that Elliot made at school and needs to be sent away soon 7.  My half-recovered ear after I lost all hearing in left ear, got back some of it, and have a surgery appt. scheduled to fix 8.  Me when we had a sudden March heat wave  9.  The beginning of the month with SNOW in the yard

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