Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A week in my LIfe- Monday

I have pretty much decided that I am going to participate in Ali Edward's A week in my life project where you document a week of your life with pictures, journaling, ephemera, etc...  So, here is how my Monday began with Elliot coloring his own T-shirt (you can see lunches ready to go on the table).  He colored his shirt (it's one that made to color), threw it on, and we were ready to go. 

The Woodside drop-off. 

When we all finally got home, Elliot and Phoebe shared the stool for a drink and a book. 

This one odd random curl that was in the middle of my forehead all day yesterday.  

At the Chiropractor, Elliot was NOT amused by his sister.  I HAD to have my back looked at. 

Dinner of apple-cheese pancakes (and regular ones too).  

We all threw ourselves in bed at 8:00 (adults included) and slept like logs.  Ohhhhhh, Monday.

Only 3 more days until Spring vacation!

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