Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week in my Life- Tues, Wed, Thurs

As an English teacher, the book room (and the photocopier) are a staple part of my job.  I loved the look off all these books piled up together just ready to be read by our students.
Some nights it's a good book and a piece of limeaide pie that gets you through the night.  Elliot picked the flower for me in his daycare playground.  Elliot can be so sweet!

The night time routine of reading a book.  Lately we've been reading the Magic Treehouse series.
Jan and Phoebe brushing their teeth. 

Reading "Ladybug Girl"- one of their current favorites. 


Here is a tree in our parking lot at school.  SO GORGOUS!

I took the kids to Friendly's on Wed night because Jan had a late appointment.  Oh Friendly's!

Our awesome tenant Brent not only showed Elliot how to change the oil in his truck but also played a few rounds of soccer with him. 

Balloons from Friendly's.
Look at that sky!


My co-teacher Jon Clancy and I at the English 10 challenge read luncheon.  

In honor of Earth Day, Elliot and I walked (and rode) to school.  Elliot is in the distance and I am taking the picture with the shadow.

Elliot made me take a picture of this beautiful tree and the sky. 

El with some beautiful flowers. 

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