Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week in my life- Sunday

So, I know that Sunday is not over yet but we are definitely winding down around here.  Here is the first shot of the morning.  I was sitting at the computer and hearing the water going.  I thought nothing of it until I looked at Jan at her comptuer and realized that niether of us were cleaning up the kitchen. Phoebe managed to "do" the dishes in the kitchen.  This is her FAVORITE activity and believe it or not, she can balance on the top of this stool. 

Baby (Bill Nye) kitty loves the tassles on Pheobe's bike and I couldn't resist snapping a picture.  What could be cuter?

Jan had the good sense to take the children away today when I barked at Elliot for jumping near my back.  I was feeling some major back pain this morning and contemplating a visit to the emergency room when I decided to try some other techniques before giving up. I watched Jan drive away with the kids in my slippers sitting in the cherry red adirondack chair in our yard. It was quite a happy moment. 

Shearling slippers are gods gift to human beings, in my opinion.  Or actually maybe they are a sheeps give to human beings.  Regardless, I LOVE mine and need a new pair the minute the fuzzy inside gets trampled.  (Which really means I want a new pair every 18 months or so.  I make myself wait longer but I do love new slippers!)

A smoothie for one!  I haven't made a smoothie for one in ages.  

A slow walk on the treadmill at the gym.  At least I can ease the stiffness out with 30 minutes walking on flat rubber.  It worked!

The amazingly beautiful hand-blown paperweight my mom brought me back from Bermuda.  It looks likes a sea urchin to me.  It's sitting with my other "treasures" on the windowsill above the sink.  

Jan on the porch playing a game on an i-pod.  Oh, the technology these days!

Elliot playing "good guys" and "bad guys" in the living room.  While he played, Jan and I crafted in the kitchen.  He has been really good about playing independently today which is great!  He loves to line up his toys in rows.  He has done it since he was about two.  I used to read a book in the living room while he played and suddenly look down to being surrounded by rows and rows of matchbox cars in curved lines around my feet.  

Phoebe scrapbooking wich means that she is taking a piece of paper and cutting it into tiny little pieces.  Well, no one can say that she doesn't have cutting skills!  (By the way, she does wear clothes outside the house.)

Here I am not 10 minutes ago checking facebook.  Jan says that I live on facebook.  Well, I don't LIVE on it but I do check it a twice a day (or more).  You know, I like to keep up.  Something might happen and I have to offer a comment or something.  Well, if you are reading this you know what I mean. 

So, that was our week.  Now that I am in the rhythm of taking pictures, I'll bet I'll fill up all the space on my i-photo folder.  And now, VACATION!!!!!


  1. first off, have a great vacation!!!!

    secondly, i've been wanting a pair of slippers for YEARS...where can i get those?!? they look like heaven (and i bet they feel like it too)!!!

    thirdly- (is that a word?) i'm realizing tonight how much i miss concord. i wish we could hang out!!!!

  2. What cute kids! I love that first shot.
    I have to admit that I am on facebook once [or twice, or more...] a day. It's addicting.