Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Tour of my Craft Room

I've noticed lately that a lot of the trendy blogs and magazines have been showing off the crafter's craft room.  Well, I'd like to show you mine.  It's lovely isn't it?  See the nice work space where I can do anything from cut out a pattern to organize embellishments.  I particularly like the red pendant lights and the red clock.  Everything seems to pop off the grayish black walls.  Really, I have great taste.  Please, ignore the price tag at the top of the picture.  Why the public keeps walking into my craft room I don't know?  Really.  Can't a girl get any privacy.  The only problem I'm having with my craft room is that things seem to be bolted down.  I can't seem to unravel the bolts of fabric and my scissors are locked in a drawer.  That and the Ikea employees keep asking me to move on.  Oh wait, I'm in Ikea and I'm dreaming about the perfect craft room.  Ohhhhh.....

Have you seen my bedroom?  Oh wait, you're not going to fall for that again, are you?  Just dreaming.... again.  A girl can dream, can't she?

There I am in Ikea with my camera.  I can't seem to put it down these days.  And mirrors are just SO FUN!  I tried to get Jan to take a picture in a mirror with me in the mirror department but she disappeared to the bathroom when we got to that section.  I can tell you this because she NEVER reads my blog.  Really, I could write anything about her, but I won't because I am nice.  

Here's Jan with one of our bags of goodies.  The little plant peeking out of the bag is called an Elephant foot (or was it Elephant Toe?).  Jan's ready to try her hand again with plants, so we adopted this one.  Hopefully he won't be too much trouble because we have two wild kids that are taking up too much of our time as it is. 

Yup, a full car.  We went to Trader Joe's first and then drove around smelling of basil and crusty french bread.  Oh yeah, there was garlic and olive oil (which does not smell since it was in a glass bottle although I am not opposed to opening it and smelling it) so we smelled wonderful, like a good Italian meal!  Oh and mom (who does read my blog), I couldn't get you the frozen mango slices because they would have melted since we went to Ikea next which lasted a good 5 hours.  Sorry

Also, ignore the Capri Sun because that was from a quick trip to Rite Aid when we realized that we had next to nothing to pack in the kids' lunches for daycare.  Sad when you have to troll (is this the correct form of the word?) the aisles of Rite Aid for peanut free snacks and something somewhat appropriate for a school lunch.  I may not win mother of the year but most likely my children will survive without too high counseling bills or cholesterol. 

I would like to dedicate this load of dishes to Ikea and my children who will eating and drinking out of Ikea bowls and cups.  Aren't the colors just delicious!

And who could resist tins that look as cool as this?  I couldn't.  For $8.00, I got these totally wicked awesome tins (sorry, I'm from New England).  I don't know what I'll use them for but right now, I don't care because I just like looking at them. 

So, I had a good day without kids and without a few less dollars in my pocket.  

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