Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thank goodness for good daycare

You may be the perfect parent (if you are one), but Jan and I are not.  I'm not saying that we are awful parents who beat our children and yell obscenties at our children because we don't (even when we want to).  This weekend stretched both of our patience.  The kids were annoying to say in the least.  Both of them want to be on top of us 24/7.  Phoebe would cry this afternoon when Jan walked out of the room. I can understand this at 10 months, but at almost 3 she can cry like a siren.  Elliot is going through this mouthy, not listening stage- not pretty.  When they aren't fighting us, they are fighting each other with screams and tears.  I had to drag both of them upstairs to their rooms and make them sit on their beds for a time out this morning.  Do all kids fight with each other?  Or just mine?  Oh my.

So, thank goodness for daycare!  Thank goodness for a place where they take your children and treat them very well,  maybe even better than you would yourself.  A place where someone much calmer and rational can teach Elliot and Phoebe to read, count, wash his/her hands, and be a good person.  Really, our daycare does all that and more!  And I will be so happy to drop them off tomorrow morning.  So happy!  

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  1. OMG- I hear ya!! That's why I LOVE school!!! :)
    Too bad I swore at my child this morning.....oopsy. Mom of the Year, right here.