Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking for Nature

Today we went to our favorite, favorite, favorite place in the whole wide world, Squam Lake Science Center.  It was opening day. It's a sort of museum/zoo/wild animal park/walking path all in one.   We became members a few years ago when we fell in love with the place. The whole place is one big loop of a walking path with stops along the way with animals and activities.  The animals are all native to New England and are in natural-type habitats.  So, we got to see everything from chipmunks and fishercats to bears and mountain lions, on my! 

This mountain lion brought its giant paws up to the window to check out the audience.  Jan has a better picture of the lion looking down at Elliot as if he is going to eat him up.  It reminds me of that Maurice Sendack story of Pierre who did not care and was eaten up by a lion.  Thank goodness there was very strong glass between Elliot and the lion because he might have been eaten up otherwise. 

Isn't he/she just beautiful?  Frightening but beautiful!

Who doesn't love a horned owl?  

And so we finally got out into nature where we belong.  The kids ran from animal to animal and to be honest, the adults enjoyed themselves as much as the kids.  If you are in the Squam Lake, NH area stop by this AMAZING place! 

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  1. How is it that I've never been there before?!? (Well maybe b/c we left NH three years ago). Either way, it seems like it's right up my (and your) Elliot's alley. Looks like such a fun place!!!