Monday, April 12, 2010

Is it already the 12th? Moosewood Update

Oh my, April is just flying by.  We had one of those beginning to the month things where it was about 70 degrees and absolutely beautiful.  We all got out our short sleeve shirts and shorts and thought it was almost summer.... in April.  Yup, it quickly went back to normal.  The high school students, however, are still in tank tops and flip flops with 60 degree weather.  You just can't convince them that we have months left to go before school is out.  They are starting to just check out with the weather which makes our jobs as high school teachers even harder.  We have a whole research project left to do before the year is done.  Oh boy.

I have been cooking lately.  I made a recipe called Solyanka from Moosewood.  It was basically a glorified mashed potatoes. The basic ingredients were mashed potatoes, sour cream, onions, cabbage, and a topping of sunflower seeds.  Jan loved it.  Of course, she loves mashed potatoes. 

Tonight I made Polenta Pizza which was a crust of baked polenta, onions and peppers topped by fresh tomatoes and mozzerella.  It was good, but not fantastic.  It was missing something, but I'm not exactly sure what.  Maybe basalmic vinegar?  Hmmmmm....

So, my highlighted recipes are growing.  I thought I was about half way but that might have been a bit premature.  I've decided not to count.

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