Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Collage 2010

The only reason that our Easter was the success it was, was because of our nice families and friends.  Really, Jan and I were a bit stressed out with grades and all so we weren't as "into" the holiday as we would normally be.  We have our Auntie Sue to thank for helping out the Easter bunny with some fun toys for the kids.  Mom my volunteered to make us a Lemon Meringue Pie to bring down to Jan's family (this is normally my job).  We met Mom and Dad at Johnson's Dairy Bar for dinner on Saturday night (the pictures).  We had a great meal down at Auntie Bonnie's and then she did the most wonderful scavenger hunt.  She took pictures of her yard and send the kids out from picture to picture which led to a big box with a prize for each kid.  It was a great way to have non-readers be able to play along.  Elliot loved the challenge of it, and Phoebe loved running with the big kids (even though she had to get a lift on the hill).  It was the most beautiful Easter we have had in years and worked out just right (with thanks for the great people in our lives!).  

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