Friday, April 9, 2010

Doing Dishes

This is the veiw as I do my dishes and look at the window above the sink.  Lately, I've been doing lots of dishes.  Or maybe it's more like I've been putting off dishes and having to do huge loads of dishes all at once.  I love these bits of hand-blown glass.  Each little vase I bought at one second-hand shop, flea market, or yard sale or another.  No matter how rainy and dreary (and it's been pretty dreary lately), they cheer me up.

I started collecting the red/orange/yellow glass when I got a place of my own.  My grandmother had a similar collection and I used to stare at it when we went to visit her in Washington, D.C.  The light would stream through those pieces of glass and I just thought they were the most beautiful things on earth.  They were like little pieces of fire.

I have a few other things at the kitchen window to keep me coming back to do more.  Really, I am not that great at doing dishes (but Jan is even worse so it's my job).  Thank goodness for Seventh Generation Lavender and Mint dish soap because otherwise, I might put them off for days. 

This little bowl of shells reminds me of the beach where my parents live (Kennebunk, Me).  The bowl was handmade by a friend of my grandmother.  The camper salt and pepper shaker was a gift I bought Jan when we had Elliot.  It was a joke about that we wouldn't have enough money for vacations any more so this would have to do.  I love the turquoise and red color combo.  My dad will kill me for saying this but I dream of a little camper where we can camp in comfort.  (Oh, I'm getting old.)

Last of all are these two little guys.  The little blue robin I got at a flea market at some point.  I love the pearly, shiny glaze on him.  He just cracks me up.  The little pottery bunny was given to me by my friend Alyssa and reminds me of all my good friends.  We've been friends since we were babies being rolled around in strollers at the craft fairs that our mothers were selling their pottery at.  It just brings me back.  

So, you are probably thinking that all these things are dusty collectors, and they probably are, but they remind me of the people in my life.  They make doing the dishes just a little bit better, and isn't that a good thing?  I think so.   What do you have around you that reminds you of what's important?

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