Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Tour of my Craft Room

I've noticed lately that a lot of the trendy blogs and magazines have been showing off the crafter's craft room.  Well, I'd like to show you mine.  It's lovely isn't it?  See the nice work space where I can do anything from cut out a pattern to organize embellishments.  I particularly like the red pendant lights and the red clock.  Everything seems to pop off the grayish black walls.  Really, I have great taste.  Please, ignore the price tag at the top of the picture.  Why the public keeps walking into my craft room I don't know?  Really.  Can't a girl get any privacy.  The only problem I'm having with my craft room is that things seem to be bolted down.  I can't seem to unravel the bolts of fabric and my scissors are locked in a drawer.  That and the Ikea employees keep asking me to move on.  Oh wait, I'm in Ikea and I'm dreaming about the perfect craft room.  Ohhhhh.....

Have you seen my bedroom?  Oh wait, you're not going to fall for that again, are you?  Just dreaming.... again.  A girl can dream, can't she?

There I am in Ikea with my camera.  I can't seem to put it down these days.  And mirrors are just SO FUN!  I tried to get Jan to take a picture in a mirror with me in the mirror department but she disappeared to the bathroom when we got to that section.  I can tell you this because she NEVER reads my blog.  Really, I could write anything about her, but I won't because I am nice.  

Here's Jan with one of our bags of goodies.  The little plant peeking out of the bag is called an Elephant foot (or was it Elephant Toe?).  Jan's ready to try her hand again with plants, so we adopted this one.  Hopefully he won't be too much trouble because we have two wild kids that are taking up too much of our time as it is. 

Yup, a full car.  We went to Trader Joe's first and then drove around smelling of basil and crusty french bread.  Oh yeah, there was garlic and olive oil (which does not smell since it was in a glass bottle although I am not opposed to opening it and smelling it) so we smelled wonderful, like a good Italian meal!  Oh and mom (who does read my blog), I couldn't get you the frozen mango slices because they would have melted since we went to Ikea next which lasted a good 5 hours.  Sorry

Also, ignore the Capri Sun because that was from a quick trip to Rite Aid when we realized that we had next to nothing to pack in the kids' lunches for daycare.  Sad when you have to troll (is this the correct form of the word?) the aisles of Rite Aid for peanut free snacks and something somewhat appropriate for a school lunch.  I may not win mother of the year but most likely my children will survive without too high counseling bills or cholesterol. 

I would like to dedicate this load of dishes to Ikea and my children who will eating and drinking out of Ikea bowls and cups.  Aren't the colors just delicious!

And who could resist tins that look as cool as this?  I couldn't.  For $8.00, I got these totally wicked awesome tins (sorry, I'm from New England).  I don't know what I'll use them for but right now, I don't care because I just like looking at them. 

So, I had a good day without kids and without a few less dollars in my pocket.  

Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking for Nature

Today we went to our favorite, favorite, favorite place in the whole wide world, Squam Lake Science Center.  It was opening day. It's a sort of museum/zoo/wild animal park/walking path all in one.   We became members a few years ago when we fell in love with the place. The whole place is one big loop of a walking path with stops along the way with animals and activities.  The animals are all native to New England and are in natural-type habitats.  So, we got to see everything from chipmunks and fishercats to bears and mountain lions, on my! 

This mountain lion brought its giant paws up to the window to check out the audience.  Jan has a better picture of the lion looking down at Elliot as if he is going to eat him up.  It reminds me of that Maurice Sendack story of Pierre who did not care and was eaten up by a lion.  Thank goodness there was very strong glass between Elliot and the lion because he might have been eaten up otherwise. 

Isn't he/she just beautiful?  Frightening but beautiful!

Who doesn't love a horned owl?  

And so we finally got out into nature where we belong.  The kids ran from animal to animal and to be honest, the adults enjoyed themselves as much as the kids.  If you are in the Squam Lake, NH area stop by this AMAZING place! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week in my life- Sunday

So, I know that Sunday is not over yet but we are definitely winding down around here.  Here is the first shot of the morning.  I was sitting at the computer and hearing the water going.  I thought nothing of it until I looked at Jan at her comptuer and realized that niether of us were cleaning up the kitchen. Phoebe managed to "do" the dishes in the kitchen.  This is her FAVORITE activity and believe it or not, she can balance on the top of this stool. 

Baby (Bill Nye) kitty loves the tassles on Pheobe's bike and I couldn't resist snapping a picture.  What could be cuter?

Jan had the good sense to take the children away today when I barked at Elliot for jumping near my back.  I was feeling some major back pain this morning and contemplating a visit to the emergency room when I decided to try some other techniques before giving up. I watched Jan drive away with the kids in my slippers sitting in the cherry red adirondack chair in our yard. It was quite a happy moment. 

Shearling slippers are gods gift to human beings, in my opinion.  Or actually maybe they are a sheeps give to human beings.  Regardless, I LOVE mine and need a new pair the minute the fuzzy inside gets trampled.  (Which really means I want a new pair every 18 months or so.  I make myself wait longer but I do love new slippers!)

A smoothie for one!  I haven't made a smoothie for one in ages.  

A slow walk on the treadmill at the gym.  At least I can ease the stiffness out with 30 minutes walking on flat rubber.  It worked!

The amazingly beautiful hand-blown paperweight my mom brought me back from Bermuda.  It looks likes a sea urchin to me.  It's sitting with my other "treasures" on the windowsill above the sink.  

Jan on the porch playing a game on an i-pod.  Oh, the technology these days!

Elliot playing "good guys" and "bad guys" in the living room.  While he played, Jan and I crafted in the kitchen.  He has been really good about playing independently today which is great!  He loves to line up his toys in rows.  He has done it since he was about two.  I used to read a book in the living room while he played and suddenly look down to being surrounded by rows and rows of matchbox cars in curved lines around my feet.  

Phoebe scrapbooking wich means that she is taking a piece of paper and cutting it into tiny little pieces.  Well, no one can say that she doesn't have cutting skills!  (By the way, she does wear clothes outside the house.)

Here I am not 10 minutes ago checking facebook.  Jan says that I live on facebook.  Well, I don't LIVE on it but I do check it a twice a day (or more).  You know, I like to keep up.  Something might happen and I have to offer a comment or something.  Well, if you are reading this you know what I mean. 

So, that was our week.  Now that I am in the rhythm of taking pictures, I'll bet I'll fill up all the space on my i-photo folder.  And now, VACATION!!!!!

A Week in my Life- Saturday

These are Phoebe's outfits for one day.  Really, she wore all these things (or didn't wear) in one day.  The plus side is that besides help with a few buttons, she can dress herself. 

Saturday morning soccer at fieldhouse sports.  This has become our Saturday morning routine.
We had to run to Walmart for a few essentials and somehow we got sucked into the toy aisle.  The kids pushed buttons and drooled over toys.  However, I am happy to report that we left Walmart with no toys. 

A lot of driving for Mommy yesterday.  Soccer, Walmart, airport, home, take out, oh my. 

Waiting for Grammie and Grampie at the airport.  They were returning from Bermuda.

The reunion!  Grampie and Elliot back together again!

Our take out dinner.  Concord Cobb Salads for Cornerview is Mom and my favorite dinner!  Jan, Dad, and the kids has Milano's.  

That is most of our Saturday in a nut shell except for the absolute melt-down Elliot had just as Grampie and Grammie were leaving.  For obvious reasons, I didn't take a picture.  I'm still not sure what was wrong.  He is going to stay with Grammie and Grampie at the end of the week and maybe he wanted to go with them?  Or maybe he was just over-tired?

On another note, we are on spring vacation for the week!  I am excited to have some time to relax and hopefully get this sore back healed.  At the end of the week, we have our big scrapbooking convention and the kids go to their grandparents.  I can't wait!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A week in my life- Friday

Oh, thank goodness but the Dater-Roberts family if finally on spring vacation!  We need it because we all have the grumpies.  Here are a few shots of my Friday:
Ok, so officially this was taken at about midnight on Thursday.  And why do I have a picture of two bags of frozen corn you ask?  These were my "ice-packs" for my poor back that is just killing me.  I've steen the chiro twice this week and still hurting.  So, frozen corn is not just for soup!

Phoebe this morning is ready for the red carpet.  She has the over the shoulder pose down pat!  And she is certainly dramatic enough! Because she is currently in love with "pretty dresses", Jan talked her into a skirt.  It worked, thank goodness! (Otherwise she cries very loudly and repeatedly demands a "pwetty dwess".)

My morning routine, checking my school email (First Class), and every once-in-awhile I allow myself a Dunkins' with a muffin.  But only if I have been very good and have a few bucks (which is almost never) or if we have NO food in the house.  This morning we had no milk. 

The kids eating their Annie's Mac and Cheese which is their current favorite dinner.  This might be the third time that they've eaten Annie's this week.

Phoebe is distraught because I had to tell her that there wasn't any chocolate left from Easter.  I'm not kidding.  The tears were about chocolate (and I had the good sense to pick up a camera rather than comfort her).  Oh, I just can't wait until 13. 

Phoebe coloring during Craft Night.  Yes, she is intensly coloring the page.  Yes, she is intense,  or "spirited". 

Allison (see you made the blog Allison) was our craft buddy tonight.  We are all excited about CKC at the end of the week. 

El finds that he can create better if her wears his sunglasses at night.  Who am I to argue with creative genius?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week in my Life- Tues, Wed, Thurs

As an English teacher, the book room (and the photocopier) are a staple part of my job.  I loved the look off all these books piled up together just ready to be read by our students.
Some nights it's a good book and a piece of limeaide pie that gets you through the night.  Elliot picked the flower for me in his daycare playground.  Elliot can be so sweet!

The night time routine of reading a book.  Lately we've been reading the Magic Treehouse series.
Jan and Phoebe brushing their teeth. 

Reading "Ladybug Girl"- one of their current favorites. 


Here is a tree in our parking lot at school.  SO GORGOUS!

I took the kids to Friendly's on Wed night because Jan had a late appointment.  Oh Friendly's!

Our awesome tenant Brent not only showed Elliot how to change the oil in his truck but also played a few rounds of soccer with him. 

Balloons from Friendly's.
Look at that sky!


My co-teacher Jon Clancy and I at the English 10 challenge read luncheon.  

In honor of Earth Day, Elliot and I walked (and rode) to school.  Elliot is in the distance and I am taking the picture with the shadow.

Elliot made me take a picture of this beautiful tree and the sky. 

El with some beautiful flowers.