Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thinking about Gardening

So, tonight I went to the Capital City Organic gardners meeting.  Here is their website:  From this you might assume that I know something, anything really about gardening. If you assumed this, you would be wrong because I really don't know very little except how to throw some tomatoes in the ground and water them occassionally.  My mom laughs at me because every year I create these pretty window boxes in the spring that last about a month because I forget to water them.

However, I am longing for some warm weather and thinking about watching something grow this summer.  I am thinking that I would like the kids to be outside in the yard and this can't happen if there isn't a reason for me to be outside too.  And tending a garden and watching it grow sounds like a great outside activity.  My logic is imbecible, isn't it?  So, organic gardening?  Hey, at least you don't have to pay for chemicals that we don't have money for!  And I can grow all those veggies that I am using for the Moosewood Cookbook.

I can see my mother saying, "we'll see" and shaking her head right now.  Listen mom, you can send dad over to help me, all right?

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  1. I have to defend myself. I remember the garden in Contoocook behind our house and the endless canning and freezing of vegetables when you were young. Buy your veggies at the local CSA and forget the garden. Support those who love weeding and working in soil. It takes major time and energy.