Saturday, March 27, 2010

Signs of Spring and Layouts from Last Night

Signs of Spring

So, first off spring is on its way.  However, no one in my family actually paid any attention.  It took the pizza guy who delivered our pizza on Thursday night to point out that we had a few flowers poking up in our yard.  I felt a little embarassed that I hadn't really noticed.  I'd like to rationalize it that we were super busy this week but I'm afraid it's that I just simply did not notice.

Second, Rosy and I went to our local scrapbooking store (Scrappin' Soul Sisters in Concord, NH ) for their Friday night crop.  I must say that it's the best deal ever because not only do they have very comfortable office chairs, good lighting, and the store at your disposal, but also they serve you dinner!  We had porcipine meatballs (meatballs with rice) and chocolate frosten brownies for dessert.  So good!  (Jan very nicely volunteered to stay home with the kids.)

I was super productive last night.  I finshed my Disney on Ice is Nice layout. See below:
I just love the lacey paper with the sparkly, glittery, fun paper underneath.  I also did some hand-stitching and made the glittery "flowers" and the text box.  All these were techniques taught in my last on-line scrapbooking class. 

Then, I decided to focus on Phoebe's birthday which was in September.  (I am currently almost a year behind on some pictures.  But you know, I'm not exactly going to worry about it.  The hobby is suposed to be FUN!)

Don't you just love this paper?  I do!  So cheerful!  I made the flags by cutting a bunch of paper from my scrap pile with a small square punch (looked like a postage stamp with a scalloped edge).  Then, I took the squares and folded them in half.  I used double sided tape on the centers and folded them over floss.  It was super easy.  The flags aren't as pointy as the ones in the other layout but it was easy and cute. I was trying to staple the ribbon and and slipped and ended up with a huge rip.  Thus, embellishments under the ribbons.  You would never know if I hadn't told you.

On this one, I got a second sheet of the paper and cut out the flags and balloons so they would "pop" from the page.  Simple (with a steady cutting hand), but effective. 

I made a lot of these embellishments as well (buttons and rosettes) which I learned in the Get it Scrapped- Making Homemade Embellishments class.  I've wanted to try this layering technique for awhile so last night was the night.

Overall, this was a super productive night.  I've realized that I have gotten slower and slower on my layouts.  Last Friday, I didn't even quite finish a full layout.  I'm very happy that last night I stayed focused.  Not having to put kids to bed really helped; thank you Jan!

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