Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Week becomes a talk about teaching

Ok, so the blog challenge today is to write about the schedule of our week.  I have to tell you that my weekly schedule looks something like this:  go to school, come home from school, think about school, maybe try and do some school work, try to get something together for dinner, get the kids to bed and think about doing school work again (but never get around to doing any), go to bed, and then start the process all over again.  Yes, teachers do have a great schedule with school hours and vacations and all of that.  However, there is no possible way that the job can be done in the hours we are in school.  And the other thing is that even when we aren't in school, we are obsessing about it (even when we don't have grading in front of us).  Have you ever sat in a group of teachers on the off hours?  They will ALWAYS begin to talk about students or classes or lessons.... ALWAYS.  It's a horrible disease. That's why teacher marry other teachers because only another teacher can understand.  The bad part is that two teachers are always stressed out at the same times (at least high school teachers) but that goes with the territory.  Jan and I ignore each other during exams and trade the kids back and forth.  It's crazy but it works.

Teachers become normal about half way through the summer, but then the teacher dreams begin again and they begin to obsess about the new school year.   My repeating dream is that I am wasting time somewhere and realize that I should have been in a class teaching.  I go into a complete panic.  Or the other dream is that they have hired me to teach something like French I and I am clueless.  I begin to try and create lesson plans with my limited knowledge of the subject.  Yup, teachers are crazy. (I know because I come from a long line of them).  My favorite line about teachers is when Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye says, "You can't stop a teacher when they want to do something.  They just do it." 

So, if you really want to know about my schedule, ask me in June because I might be organized enough to give you an answer.....

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  1. First of all, I LOVE the picture! Second, I can totally relate to your complete obsession with all things related to school... although I would argue it's more like an addiction, because at times it can be to a point where it is no longer healthy! I may not bring papers home to grade, but I am constantly thinking about "my' kiddos and replaying the day's events, trying to figure out how to help each child and make every day a positive experience for them. (Not to mention, I come home from work and check out their parents' blogs to see what else new and exciting is going on in their lives! ha). I may be ready to go home by the end of most days but once I am home I am missing them and ready to see them again. This summer is going to be so sad without some of "my" kids at school every day... I truly do look forward to their smiling little faces! What a crazy job we have; such a love/hate relationship with this all-consuming profession! :-)