Friday, March 5, 2010

Inspired by Moosewood

If you have been reading my blog (hey Mom, my one devoted reader), then you know that I have set myself up with a challenge of making every recipe in the original Moosewood cookbook- the tan or beige one.  The reason I chose this cookbook it that is the sort of "classic" of Vegetarian cooking.  Friends ask me all the time about where I get my recipes and I almost always direct them to Moosewood.  However, it isn't just the recipes that I like; I love the handmade, hand drawn pictures for every recipe.  You can tell that there is a person behind every recipe.  Molly Katzen (author) is clearly present in the book.  It is this same quality of presence that I would like in my scrapbooks.  I could take out some scrapbook paper and slap it down and add some premade stickers that coordinate but I want it to feel like I was present, I was there.  I don't think that you have to have hand drawn elements on your layouts but It's important that the page represents you and who you are.
Here are some of the Moosewood pages that I'm talking about:
We had spanakopita on Wednesday.  Oh boy, oh boy...buttery bliss. Anyway, look at the detail in this picture.  It just amazes me that someone (Molly Katzen) drew this out with such detail for a recipe.  It must have taken as long if not longer than it would take to make the dish- and if you have ever made spanakopita, you know that it takes some time.

I normally put a note on the top of the page that gives the date I made it, where I made it, for whom I made it, and how we liked it.  I love looking back to see when I made the recipe.  It's like a scrapbook in itself. 
Who wouldn't want to make a recipe that has pictures of ostriches and unicorns?  Do I need to even ask?

A serious soup for a day on contemplation...  I think I may go make it now. 

And so, one cookbook can inspire me to cook, document, and create.  And that is what life is really about to me!

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  1. I love this too. I can see how you'd be inspired to create layouts that show YOU. Great idea!