Friday, February 26, 2010

Making More Moosewood

Well yes, I have continued with the Moosewood cooking project!  What I have learned this week is that the dessert section of the cookbook is well.... (how do I put this diplomatically) not so great.  My carrot cake ended up way too dense.  The cardomon coffee cake in the oven has already expanded outside the pan and run all over the oven creating smoke all over the kitchen.  (I don't know how it tastes because it is cooking right now.)  I'd like to give Moosewood the benefit of the doubt, but I am normally a pretty good baker.

This week, I also make Cream of Spinach soup which came together really fast and was pretty tasty. I thought cream soups were super hard but because of Martha Stewart's Mac and Cheese, I can confidently say that I am not afraid of making a Roux which was the basis for this soup.
Come on, you just have to love a cookbook that it handwritten and has drawings!  Really, I love the little doodles and drawings.  

So, basically I looked at the book and I have made 40 recipes from the cookbook.  Overall, there are 218 (approx) recipes in the book.  Oh, that means there would be A LOT left to do.....  Well, I may keep plugging at it.... maybe.  

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