Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Japanese Erasers Display

This summer we went a little crazy with the Japanese Iwako erasers.  They are amazingly cute with erasers made to look like things like little french fries, chop sticks, sushi, animals, toys, etc...  They are each about a $1.00 and I had to limit myself to $20.00 worth of erasers.  When I came home, I didn't know quite what to do with this cute things.  So, I ended up using this old window box frame and some brightly colored card stock to frame each box.  It is in our dining room/craft room which seems a perfect place for erasers seeing as many craft mistakes happen in its vicinity.  Each member of my family got one box to fill.  See if you can guess which one belongs to each person?

I also ended up ordering some more erasers on-line.  This place was a great source for the erasers: http://sausalitoferry.com/  They were super nice and called me when they were out of something I ordered.  They sent me something a little extra because of the mix-up.  The kids liked their sticker business cards too.

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