Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Easy Valentine Tutorial

If you are like me, you just realized that Valentine's Day is this coming weekend and your children (or child) will have to bring in some sort of Valentine's to school for THIS Friday (and it's Tuesday).  What follows is a super easy Valentine "card" that you can make with your child.  My son Elliot who is 5 can do most of it with minimal help as long as I sit with him.  I used my school's Accucut for the flowers but you could use any sort of Cricut/Die cut machine or even trace and cut if your child has a small class.

Here is what the actual Valentine looks like (or actually the boquet of Valentines):

Step One:  Gather a variety of coordinating scrapbooking papers.  I used one scrap bad and some scraps for this project.  Cut a variety of large and small flowers, a leaf, and then get a bag of lollipops.  (Last year we used the small ones but this year we used the big ones.)  Put small holes in the center of the flowers.  I needed to "poke" a hole in the large circle with a large push pin because my hole puncher wouldn't reach the center of the large flower.
Step Two:  Have your child thread first the small flower and then the large flower onto the lollipop.  If your holes are too big, you can put a little bit of tape under the flower.  We found it stayed on its own.

Step Three:  On the leaf shape have the child put the name of the recipient and then their own name.  I am going to look for a stamp for my son because it would be difficult for him to write his name out on such a small space 24 times.  I will have him do this BEFORE adhering because it is easier to write on a flat surface.
Step Four:  Twist the leaf shape around the lollipop stick and use some sort of adhesive like double sided tape or glue.  If you wanted to get fancy (and had an older kid), you could use green flower tape.

That's it.  Very easy.
Here is the variation of what we did last year.  Last year we used glitter and only have 15 kids in Elliot's class.

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