Monday, February 1, 2010

Camera Stealing

As I take a picture every day (but I just realized that I haven't today- oops), Elliot and Phoebe have been fascinated by taking their own pictures.  This weekend Elliot "stole" or "borrowed" my camera and took many pictures of his toys.  He goes around snapping what he sees and it's always interesting to go back and observe what he is fascinated by.... stuffed animals, toys, legos.  Simply, he sees the world in a totally different way than I see the world.  I suppose that this helps me to change my perspective.  What seems to consume my whole world, doesn't even make his radar.  It's a good reminder to let somet things go.  


  1. I agree with Elliot. Blue water, floating white dolphins, something to be looked at and admired.

  2. good point about perspective!!

    PS- i'm ordering Project Life b/c i LOVE the idea :) thanks for telling me about it!!