Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monkey Button Flowers

These flower embellishments were inspired by the class I am taking over at Get it Scrapped.  I made the monkey button center with cardboard, paper, and some diamond glaze.  The flower pattern I got over at on a video tutorial.  It's called a box flower and it's pretty easy (and fun too).
The monkey buttons. 

The more classic flowery flowers.  

I'm not sure what I'll use these for.  They were a good living room project while the kids ended vacation by watching their 23rd hour of TV before school starts tomorrow.  

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cardamom Coffee Cake

Ok, so maybe I stand corrected.... about Moosewood desserts.  The cardamom coffee cake was REALLY good.  Maybe it was the pound of butter that helped?  I put it in a chrysanthemum bundt cake mold and glazed it with a powdered sugar icing.  It was yummy....  Although, not particualarly heart healthy (doesn't it seem like the two go together).

Making More Moosewood

Well yes, I have continued with the Moosewood cooking project!  What I have learned this week is that the dessert section of the cookbook is well.... (how do I put this diplomatically) not so great.  My carrot cake ended up way too dense.  The cardomon coffee cake in the oven has already expanded outside the pan and run all over the oven creating smoke all over the kitchen.  (I don't know how it tastes because it is cooking right now.)  I'd like to give Moosewood the benefit of the doubt, but I am normally a pretty good baker.

This week, I also make Cream of Spinach soup which came together really fast and was pretty tasty. I thought cream soups were super hard but because of Martha Stewart's Mac and Cheese, I can confidently say that I am not afraid of making a Roux which was the basis for this soup.
Come on, you just have to love a cookbook that it handwritten and has drawings!  Really, I love the little doodles and drawings.  

So, basically I looked at the book and I have made 40 recipes from the cookbook.  Overall, there are 218 (approx) recipes in the book.  Oh, that means there would be A LOT left to do.....  Well, I may keep plugging at it.... maybe.  

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Playin' with Felt

So, this is the result of my second lesson with Embelishments: Beautifully Handmade over at Get It Scrapped.  Basically, we played with felt.  Felt is FUN!  It doesn't unravel and you can cut it into all sorts of shapes.  I created this with ideas from the class. The colors are a little bit (but not a ton) more muted in person.  My "good camera" broke so I am using the "other" one and I don't think it takes as good pictures.
Well, here it is:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What we did with our Snow DAY

So, today we had a snow day.  A snow day with very little snow.  It did almost nothing until about 4:00 (past the time we would have been in school) and then started dumping snow.  However, this snow day was a welcomed break (even though we do have vacation next week).  So, Mommy (that would be me) found time to scrapbook and do the first lesson for her on-line class Handmade Embellishments at Get it Scrapped here ( ).  We had a lesson on making rosettes and here is the page using them:

Jan managed to work on her Granny Square afghan which we like to call the Nana Blanket.  And the kids put on their tie dyes and had a dance party.  I would show you the video but for some reason it just will not load which is making me sad because it is a hilarious video of the kids jumping around and dancing.  Shucks!

Japanese Erasers Display

This summer we went a little crazy with the Japanese Iwako erasers.  They are amazingly cute with erasers made to look like things like little french fries, chop sticks, sushi, animals, toys, etc...  They are each about a $1.00 and I had to limit myself to $20.00 worth of erasers.  When I came home, I didn't know quite what to do with this cute things.  So, I ended up using this old window box frame and some brightly colored card stock to frame each box.  It is in our dining room/craft room which seems a perfect place for erasers seeing as many craft mistakes happen in its vicinity.  Each member of my family got one box to fill.  See if you can guess which one belongs to each person?

I also ended up ordering some more erasers on-line.  This place was a great source for the erasers:  They were super nice and called me when they were out of something I ordered.  They sent me something a little extra because of the mix-up.  The kids liked their sticker business cards too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Easy Valentine Tutorial

If you are like me, you just realized that Valentine's Day is this coming weekend and your children (or child) will have to bring in some sort of Valentine's to school for THIS Friday (and it's Tuesday).  What follows is a super easy Valentine "card" that you can make with your child.  My son Elliot who is 5 can do most of it with minimal help as long as I sit with him.  I used my school's Accucut for the flowers but you could use any sort of Cricut/Die cut machine or even trace and cut if your child has a small class.

Here is what the actual Valentine looks like (or actually the boquet of Valentines):

Step One:  Gather a variety of coordinating scrapbooking papers.  I used one scrap bad and some scraps for this project.  Cut a variety of large and small flowers, a leaf, and then get a bag of lollipops.  (Last year we used the small ones but this year we used the big ones.)  Put small holes in the center of the flowers.  I needed to "poke" a hole in the large circle with a large push pin because my hole puncher wouldn't reach the center of the large flower.
Step Two:  Have your child thread first the small flower and then the large flower onto the lollipop.  If your holes are too big, you can put a little bit of tape under the flower.  We found it stayed on its own.

Step Three:  On the leaf shape have the child put the name of the recipient and then their own name.  I am going to look for a stamp for my son because it would be difficult for him to write his name out on such a small space 24 times.  I will have him do this BEFORE adhering because it is easier to write on a flat surface.
Step Four:  Twist the leaf shape around the lollipop stick and use some sort of adhesive like double sided tape or glue.  If you wanted to get fancy (and had an older kid), you could use green flower tape.

That's it.  Very easy.
Here is the variation of what we did last year.  Last year we used glitter and only have 15 kids in Elliot's class.

Monday, February 8, 2010

December Daily Album 2010

So, this weekend I finally finished my Christmas album.  I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of scrapbooking Christmas pictures.  I'm not sure why but I think it has to do with the fact that I am DONE with Christmas by the time I have to scrapbook the pictures.  This year I THOUGHT that I would do Ali Edwards December Daily album and I prepared some of it ahead of time.  My intentions were good but I had a hard time printing and getting the pictures in the album.  So, I finally got everything together and put in the album this weekend.  Basically, I decided to abandon the idea of a picture per day and just put in all the pictures of this months Christmas season.  I didn't even lable the dates and really, I don't care.  It's all in there... the Holiday season.
The cover of the book is a Vintage tablecloth that I cut up and used iron-on fabric bonding interfacing to cover a canvas book cover.  Then, I emboidered the Christmas 2009 with floss before adhering.  On the inside, I used a green faux moire and then put some ribbon around the edge to cover the raw edge.
This page was a straight 8x8 plastic page protector with a zigzag stitch along the edge that came with the canvas album. 

This was a divided page that I used.  It actually was a standard 8.5x11 page that I cut down to size.  I bought it at the office supply store and was sold as a page protector for baseball cards.  It all came together when I realized that I could use it like a mosiac and divide a picture along two different boxes.
As you can see, I mixed and matched pages all throughout the book.  I used lots of different embellishments like stickers, ribbon, and even some old-fashioned Christmas paper cut-outs. 

I used a few of these canvas pages where I gessoed the canvas pages with a heavy white.  Then, I used a silvery glitter and finally tried to ahere it with a fixative.  I have found that these pages drop glitter but oh well.  Also, they were a total pain to get anything to stick on them so I finally resorted to stapling pictures onto them which worked but created a back side of the staples on the reverse side.  I also used these really cool journaling blocks.  They had two layers- a paper layer that you wrote on and then an shiny, transparent overlay.  
This was near the end with both of the kids with their best buddy and cousin, Jonathan.  

So, all in all I got the book done (although I think I have one empty backside of a page that needs something.)  I figure that if I get nothing done for a year but the Christmas pictures, then I have accomplished something.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Moosewood Meals

Ok, so I totally could not resist the alliteration in the title.  I am currently teaching literary terms to my sophomore (oh shoot, sub plans for tomorrow- jury duty) and alliteration is one of them.  I have been cooking a lot lately.  I think it's the cold weather that's been inspiring me.

So, after watching Julie and Julia, I have been thinking about cooking.  I love the movie but do you know how absolutely gross Mastering the Art of French Cooking is?  It's absolutely meaty and yuck!  It really does have aspic and all sorts of things that even ME, a girl who eats EVERYTHING, would be reluctant to put in my mouth.  So, I was thinking, what is the vegetarian equivelant?  MOOSEWOOD!  I am thinking (just thinking right now) of going through the original beige Moosewood Cookbook and trying to make every recipe.  I looked through and I've already made at least a quarter of the recipes so I wouldn't repeat those.  I would love to say that I've made every recipe in one cookbook- a sort of claim to fame or self challenge.

I adore the cookbook with its handlettering and funky 1970s vibe.  I actually isn't very low-fat at all and has lots of dairy which is ok by me.

Well, I'm still thinking about it and it's probably crazy and dreadfully unoriginal.  Maybe I'm just searching for the light in the middle of winter.  We'll see.  

Monday, February 1, 2010

Camera Stealing

As I take a picture every day (but I just realized that I haven't today- oops), Elliot and Phoebe have been fascinated by taking their own pictures.  This weekend Elliot "stole" or "borrowed" my camera and took many pictures of his toys.  He goes around snapping what he sees and it's always interesting to go back and observe what he is fascinated by.... stuffed animals, toys, legos.  Simply, he sees the world in a totally different way than I see the world.  I suppose that this helps me to change my perspective.  What seems to consume my whole world, doesn't even make his radar.  It's a good reminder to let somet things go.