Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scrapbooking Haitus is done

I was on sort of a scrapbooking haitus with writing the novel during Novemeber and then Christmas.  My sewing machine saw quite a bit of action but my scrapbooking supplies were starting to wonder where I had been.  So, this weekend my friend Rosy came over and I FINALLY got around to looking at the HUGE stack of pictures to be scrapbooked.  Earlier in the week, I ordered batches of photos from both snapfish and shutterfly (freebies at both the I couldn't pass up) and figured that I was going to have to scrapbook whatever I had while I wait for those to come.  Boy, oh boy, am I backed up.  I have pictures from last APRIL that I haven't done anything with.  Before we hit the year mark, I've got to start scrapbooking.  The problem is now that I have taken so many classes, I am terminally slow.  I used to be able to slap pictures and stickers on a page and call it a day.  No longer.  

Well, this is what I produced last night.  One fun page about Elliot and Phoebe's first day of school (above).  You can't tell but the picture of the kids on the left is raised because I happened to have two copies of the same picture so I cut them out of one and laid it on top.  It's a cool effect but doesn't translate well over computer.

The page below is about Phoebe's love of doing what we call the "fluff and fold".  This activity would entertain her for HOURS!  She would take the blankets and make little beds for her stuffies and her dolls.  She would pat their backs in the cutest little mother way.  Well, I wanted this layout to look like you were going to Phoebe's little fluff and fold shop- thus the glittery letters at the top of the page.  Also, my friend Rosy mentioned that she loved all the patterns in the pictures which led to me adding more paper and sticker patterns to jazz it up.  I might of over-embelished for these pared down/minimalist times but well, it's my scrapbook and I can do what I want.

So, there it is.... haitus is over, scrapbooking again!

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