Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mid-Year Exams

I always think that I'll have oodles of time during mid-year exams to craft.  This is an illusion that I have held onto for the last 10 years that I have taught, and every year I have only just enough time to correct exams.  Sure enough, it is the Sunday after exams and I have exactly 1 1/2 sets of exams (that's approximately 30 exams) left to grade.  So, this week I have not scrapbooked, or sewed, or barely even cooked.  I have graded exams and graded exams and graded exams and I am still not finished.  Sigh!  We'll I've got to go make dinner so that I can..... you guessed it, grade exams after dinner.  Double sigh!

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