Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing Trouble

We have been very into playing Trouble these days after dinner (we have instituted a no TV rule after dinner). Here is a video I took of Elliot analyzing his next move.

The End of Summer Flowers

I would love to say that I grew these lovely sunflowers, but I didn't. To be honest, we didn't plant a single flower or vegetable this year: not a tomato or basil or even a marigold. Nope, none. I feel a little sad about this but with a five year old and two year old, it just didn't happen. Maybe next year.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Newest Installment of the Capture My Dreams book pages

Ok, so I'm totally digging the sewing thing right now. I had forgotten that I enjoy sewing, but in fact, I do. So, I created this lovely rainbow for my "believe" page that I expanded into "Believe in Dreams". The "Dreams" part is on- you'll never guess- a dryer sheet cloud. So, not only it is lovely and semi-transparent but ALSO it smells good!

The second page is a self portrait page. I attempted to do a little ruffly thing on the side. So, I TRIED to make it look imperfect.... and I succeeded. I sorta like it, actually. I had buttons galore planned but after adding them to the scallops, I just liked them there. So, getting caught up (somewhat) and school starts on Tuesday, sigh.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photo Booth with Phoebe

I was inspired by a few blogs that I've been looking at with TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS polariods and photos. My cousin and I used to jump in the photo booth each year at the beach and today at the mall, a photo booth caught my eye. Phoebe and I used cheesy grins and began what I hope is not an obsession. By the way, anyone have a tip about how to rotate a picture for the blog? I am stumped at the moment so turn your heads!

Coming back to Capture Your Dream Workshop Work

So, I took a little break from the on-line workshop because of going to the beach and then after coming back it was so hard hot in our dining room/craft room that I couldn't bear to sit in there for any length of time. (By the way, I have 95 pictures of our beach vacation plus about 30 minutes of video.) I did a little scrapbooking at our local store but I just wasn't in the frame of mind to think about my dreams. So.... I've come back to it.

The first page is about my dreams when I was 9. I found this letter that I must have written my teacher about how I wanted to be a gymnast/scientist in Paris. Well, I had lofty dreams. It cracked me up so I included it here.

The second page are all pictures to remind me why I should be working toward my dreams. These are all "inspirational" pictures. I included the picture and what it taught me about moving toward my dreams.

So, I have quite a few lessons left to go but I like what I've done in the last few days.

School starts on Tuesday so I feel like I am under some sort of deadline. When school starts, it's all homework, lesson plans, and Friday night crops to keep me sane. Sigh...

Monday, August 17, 2009

A picture that I WILL Scrapbook

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Dad and Phoebe. I've printed it in a 5x7 and just KNOW that I am going to use it sometime in a scrapbook page or book or something. We had a great time at the Delaware shore with two beach bum kids!