Friday, December 4, 2009

SMS Giveaway & NaNoWriMo

If you want a bit of fun, you can go to the Sew Mama Sew Blog and enter to win all sorts of handmade giveaways.  It's fun to surf blogs and find out what people make by hand all over the world.  I have to admit that I was determined to see every blog and it's taken a little bit of my time. (By the way if anyone is trying to reach me because I won something fabulous, my email is under my profile!  Please let me win something fabulous!)

In other news, I have "finished" my NaNoWriMo novel at 50,102 words.  I actually am about half way through but am taking a little break before trying to finish it.  I had one of my high school students read it and she was actually EXCITED to read it!  She reacted in all the ways that I wanted her to.  So, now I am excited to try and finish it.  On the bright side, she is in my semester class so if I want a willing audience, I have to finish it by January.  We'll see....

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic that you are writing a novel and to have high school students to read and critique it is great!

    Love that you made your family that little gift for their stockings! Will be a fun christmas for sure. Thanks for the tip on another way to finish them off.