Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homemade Christmas

How quickly homemade Christmas becomes Target Christmas.  However, I would say that 50% of our gifts were handmade for the kids.  For adults 75% which isn't half bad (actually better than half... ha,ha.ha).  So here are some of our homemade goodies:

A handmade tutu for Phoebe

A set of muchtaches for our stockings

Phoebe's apron and chef's hat set (which she loved and immedietly put on and wore most of Christmas morning).

Elliot's apron and chef's hat set.

Phoebe's mobil dollhouse- bathroom (with potty) and bedroom.  The furniture is from Woodcraft (I think) and we'll definitely buy more- all wood, sturdy construction, no toxic paint, etc....

Dollhouse livingroom

Elliot's space station sleeping quarters.  There is also a command center, space ship design and repair shop, and alien holding cell.

The space ship repair shop complete with Amiguri crocheted rocket and spaceship.  The alien is in the detention center around the corner.  Jan loved making these!

Dollhouse living room- So modern!

The kids in their matching strawberry/kiwi pajama pants.

I also made Jan a CD holder for her car, my brother some market bags for him in Hungary, a set of aprons for my brother, and a laptop cover.  The stockings had some homemade chocolates and I attempted to make candied orange slices that were ok (not awesome). So all in all, I've been busy.  I did have to write a few IOUs but well, who hasn't?

I wish that I could say that the handmade items were their favorite but Elliot loved his legos (and I haven't figured out a way to make them in my kitchen.... yet (ha,ha).  Phoebe loved her Curious George stuffie from Uncle Jay.  However, we didn't go broke this Christmas and it was fun to produce our own unique gifts.  One of my favorite things was making Muddy Buddy with Elliot to give away and watching him write out the tags with people's names.  It was  big thing for him and I was SO, SO proud!

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