Friday, November 6, 2009

When you have the flu...

When having the flu, it is good to have a kitty by your side.  It helps considerably with the recovery process of sitting on the couch and watching movie and taking middle of the day naps.  Bill Nye the Science Kitty (aka Baby Kitty) was an absolute love with Elliot, cuddling with him and watching over.  I felt like he knew Elliot was sick and needed him.  Elliot was red-faced with fever which just hurts a mother's heart.  I am calm in theory until well.... he is loopy with fever.  He seems to be recovering today so that's good.  I am hoping to return to school some time in the near future.  My students are going to wonder who I am with all these absences.  I hope no one else gets the flu.


  1. Hope he is better. We are starting to get the flu here in Maine, but not as bad as you all have had it.