Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What one does when one is wasting time while writing a NaNO Novel...

Ok, so I have spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME on this computer this month.  It has become a fixture.  I THOUGHT that while doing my NaNoWriMo Novel that I would spend LESS time on Facebook and blogs.  However, what I find is that when I am thinking about an idea, I tend to surf the web.  So, yup.  I've been on this thing a ton.  Also, while Elliot had the flu, I wrote.  He watched kid's tv, I wrote.  He slept, I wrote.  So, on the upside is that I am up to 20,000 words on my quest for 50,000.  I am almost half way to my goal and I have yet to run out of ideas.  So, what I have realized about myself is that YA Fantasy may be my genre.  It's fun for me to write.  Hopefully it's also fun to read.  I'm not thinking about that part right now.... I'm just plugging in the words and scenes and going for it.  So, here's to 50,000 words before the end of the month!

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