Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Really good sewing/crafting blog


For anyone who is into sewing and/or crafting, this is the COOLEST website.  It has all these really simple projects for Christmas (and for anyone who makes things for Christmas, you know that you need to start thinking about it NOW or in August).  The blog is currently doing a month worth of craft ideas for Christmas.  The archives are pretty cool too.    I am getting a TON of ideas (that will wait until after November when the novel is written).

On the novel front, I have a character and 6627 words.  I am on target right now which is FABULOUS!  I think the character's name is Adalaide and is a shape-shifter but does not know she's a shape-shifter..... yet. I am really excited to be breaking into writing science fiction/fantasy.  I've been reading it almost exclusively for the last year but have never actually written it.  So, here it goes!

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