Friday, October 2, 2009

Elliot's first people picture

Elliot brought this home from school.  This is the FIRST picture where we could recognize people. He literally went from scribbles to people.  This may not seem amazing to you, but to me it's pure delight!  Elliot just did not want to hold a pencil.  On Monday this week, he wrote WORDS, REAL WORDS.  He wrote LEAF.  Ok, he's five and it's not like rocket science or anything but as a teacher, I was starting to get nervous.  I mean a kid's got to write at some point, right?  When motivated, he can do all sorts of fine motor things (legos, unwrapping hershey's kisses, mazes) but he had NO (none, nada) motivation until this pre-K year at Woodside.  Can I just say, we are loving Woodside; it's making my Mommy heart proud!

1 comment:

  1. awesome! way to go elliot :)
    LOVE his people- so cute!