Saturday, October 31, 2009

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow


Ok, for those of you who do not know what NaNoWriMo is .... it is National Novel Writing Month and me and a bunch of other slightly insane people from Concord High School embark on a journey or let's call it a writing marathon for the month of November (as if teaching high school is not stressful enough).  So, this group of people  write like banshees (do banshees write?) for the month of November and try to bang out a 50,000 word novel in a month.  I would say that this is a totally loopy thing to do but I've actually done it.  I did it last year.  I have a 50,000 word novel (I think it is actually a little over the mark) printed out and placed carefully in a notebook (it's also on a memory stick).  I haven't actually looked back at it but let's not tarnish the idea at this point.  So, I begin novel #2 tomorrow.  To be honest, it scares the HECK out of me.  However, what I know about NaNoWriMo is that you begin with a word, then build to a sentence, then a paragraph, then a story, and suddenly you have 50,000 words.  So, I'll keep posting here and facebook to tell you where I am.  If I am feeling REALLY COCKY, I'll even post an excerpt.  We'll see... right  now, not feeling ever-so confident.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

Here are pictures of our Halloween weekend.  They are not in order because I can't seem to get these pictures to go where I want them to.  Anyway, we picked pumpkins, carved them, decorated for Halloween (and go no schoolwork or correcting of very important papers done).  We can't wait to go trick-or-treating next weekend with our alligator and pirate.  Pictures will follow!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Homemade Halloween Treat Bags

Here are the results of the first craft night in three weeks.  (I was so sick that I didn't even want to craft.... now that's sick.)  Ok, I probably could have made my own design for Halloween bags but I found these Debi Mumm panels at Joann's and well... they were so darn cute.  I added handmade "flowers" made out of the cutest sparkly bat fabric and big old glittery black buttons.  They came together in about an hour and are SO CUTE!

What I realized about myself is that I am slightly insane without a little arts and crafts in my life.  It is truly my stress relief.  I like having a project going to distract me from myself, my life.  I had SO MUCH FUN tonight doing these.  They were easy and done in record time.  I hope the kids like them when they see them tomorrow!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Phoebe and Elliot getting along

Apparently, Phoebe and Elliot (under the right conditions) CAN get along.  These are pictures of the kids on the Woodside playground on the double seater bikes they have.  They are in "matching" winter coats because Phoebe is wearing Elliot's old one and I am hoping that even though Elliot's skinny wrists are poking out of his jacket, we can milk the 4T coat for another year.  We'll see.  
Anyway, these guys have been arguing like CRAZY lately over all sorts of little things; books, legos, the kitty, and territory.  Watching them enjoy something together was the bright part of my day. Woodside has this cute bike with a "seat" in the back so the teachers let Elliot drive his sister around.  Phoebe was just beaming and laughing hysterically as they rounded corners and traveled around the whole playground.  I loved it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learning to Crochet

I am one of those knitters who can sorta knit but when I make a mistake, I'm lost.  I have to have Jan sitting right next to me to show me each step along the way.  I think I'm not a better knitter because Jan is such a great one.  I depend on her to fix my mistakes.  (By the way, Phoebe's amazingly beautiful stocking that Jan is making Phoebe might actually be done this year!)

So, I decided that I am branching out and learning to crochet.  It's suppose to be easier than knitting, and faster.  I really was interested in Granny Squares but after Jan's hands went a mile a minute, I think I am going to start with a small little simple dolly blanket for Phoebe's new dolly that she is getting for Christmas.  Then, I'll advance to Granny Squares.  I'll post pictures as I actually complete something.

Here's to learning a new craft!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Out Sick

I'm sick... and not one of those cute colds where you wrap yourself up in a blanket and watch reruns of your favorite TV shows.  This in one of those knock you flat on your back, your head is aching, sore throat, I have a fever kind of sicknesses.  I NEVER, and I mean NEVER, go to the doctor and I may call today.  Thing thing has gone through the English department at CHS along with my English 11 class.  I suppose that it was only a matter of time until I got it.  Sigh.... I'm going back to bed.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Elliot's first people picture

Elliot brought this home from school.  This is the FIRST picture where we could recognize people. He literally went from scribbles to people.  This may not seem amazing to you, but to me it's pure delight!  Elliot just did not want to hold a pencil.  On Monday this week, he wrote WORDS, REAL WORDS.  He wrote LEAF.  Ok, he's five and it's not like rocket science or anything but as a teacher, I was starting to get nervous.  I mean a kid's got to write at some point, right?  When motivated, he can do all sorts of fine motor things (legos, unwrapping hershey's kisses, mazes) but he had NO (none, nada) motivation until this pre-K year at Woodside.  Can I just say, we are loving Woodside; it's making my Mommy heart proud!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm feeling like this frog

I feel like this frog statue that I saw on Wednesday when I joined the Tide Pride group on a field trip to Boston.  I feel a little achey and a little droopy.  About half my students have come down with flu and are hanging on by their fingernails.  I don't know if I am really sick, or just sympathetic sick.  I'm going to hope that a good night's sleep solves my problems.  The power of positive thinking!