Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20 things about me 20 things about me

1. One thing I'd grab if my house were on fire : after my kids and kitties, my scrapbooks
2. One thing I wish I could throw away : cheap plastic toys
3. One thing I'll never ever throw away : (almost) anything handmade
4. Something I lost and still miss : that earing I bought in Mexico in high school (and my keys that hopefully are being returned to me)
5. Something I've kept since childhood : the quilt my grandmother made and my other grandmother's paper dolls
6. A food item I never run out of : peanut butter
7. A household brand I'm very loyal to : Good Earth Lavender & Mint Dish Soap (right now anyway)
8. Something I sleep with every night : my children (hopefully they'll outgrow this soon)
9. One thing that's on my wishlist : tickets to see New Moon Nov. 20
10. Something I take with me wherever I go : my wallet
11. Something that makes me smile when I see it : my kids being goofy and trying on different costumes
12. Something my children fight over : TOYS, the kitty, attention from the moms
13. Something I hate to clean : the kitty litter box
14. Something I show off when people visit : my mini-albums
15. Something I hide when people visit : our ability to be horribly messy (I don't think we hide it very well)
16. Something I collect : red, orange hand-blown glass
17. Something I avoid at all costs : conflict, violence, anger
18. Something that reminds me of my mother : the pottery bowls, cups, containers, tea set that she made from her own hands

19. Something that reminds me of my father:  Cary Grant- always a gentleman  & the way Elliot folds his legs (his legs in general) and a million other ways Elliot acts like Grampie
20. The best gift I've ever received : 10 meals put in my freezer from my scrapbooking group after my daughter was born 5 weeks early

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