Saturday, August 22, 2009

Newest Installment of the Capture My Dreams book pages

Ok, so I'm totally digging the sewing thing right now. I had forgotten that I enjoy sewing, but in fact, I do. So, I created this lovely rainbow for my "believe" page that I expanded into "Believe in Dreams". The "Dreams" part is on- you'll never guess- a dryer sheet cloud. So, not only it is lovely and semi-transparent but ALSO it smells good!

The second page is a self portrait page. I attempted to do a little ruffly thing on the side. So, I TRIED to make it look imperfect.... and I succeeded. I sorta like it, actually. I had buttons galore planned but after adding them to the scallops, I just liked them there. So, getting caught up (somewhat) and school starts on Tuesday, sigh.


  1. Wow! Your layouts are fabulous. You are so creative and artistic. I love everything :)

  2. I love it! I keep seeing thing using dryer sheets ... but my husband (yes, HE does the laundry ... only because he is OCD!) stopped using them. Just when I could USE them! So I keep baby wipes (I have plenty of those ...) CLEAN ones, lol. I use them to wipes my brushes off with, etc. Let them dry and I love the texture! Just a tip!

  3. Oooohhh, dried baby wipes. A thicker texture but I bet they take ink well.