Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coming back to Capture Your Dream Workshop Work

So, I took a little break from the on-line workshop because of going to the beach and then after coming back it was so hard hot in our dining room/craft room that I couldn't bear to sit in there for any length of time. (By the way, I have 95 pictures of our beach vacation plus about 30 minutes of video.) I did a little scrapbooking at our local store but I just wasn't in the frame of mind to think about my dreams. So.... I've come back to it.

The first page is about my dreams when I was 9. I found this letter that I must have written my teacher about how I wanted to be a gymnast/scientist in Paris. Well, I had lofty dreams. It cracked me up so I included it here.

The second page are all pictures to remind me why I should be working toward my dreams. These are all "inspirational" pictures. I included the picture and what it taught me about moving toward my dreams.

So, I have quite a few lessons left to go but I like what I've done in the last few days.

School starts on Tuesday so I feel like I am under some sort of deadline. When school starts, it's all homework, lesson plans, and Friday night crops to keep me sane. Sigh...


  1. I love your pages! tTwo things ... I noticed a picture of your doodle class (I went thru the freebie lesson and recognized the patterns ... love them colored in!) and your mention of mermaids ... I LOVE mermaids ... did you ever read the book by Sue Monk Kidd, The Mermaid Chair? I draw them, cut them out, love finding them in unexpected places! I have an art journal page I did about a mermaid that ... well, is 'special' to me. I should find it and post it. Anyway, GREAT pages!

  2. Beautiful layout. The letter from when you were actually 9 adds a fabulous authentic/documentive touch. We also had a similar assignment in school. I wonder if my parents kept it... (My father probably did. He's the family's "curator").