Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Page One (ish) of Capture Your Dream Scrapbooking Class

So, here is my first page assignment for the Capture Your Dream scrapbooking class. You'll notice that the first page assignment, leaked into 4 pages. Oh well....

Anyone who is in the Concord area, Concord Camera pictures are SO MUCH BETTER than anywhere else. Phoebe and I walked down for them this morning. I got to crop, adjust color, and print- all in about 20 minutes. Beautiful pictures! Ok, so it was more expensive than Target but worth it. AND they said that they might be offering a Photoshop class in the fall (which I desperately need). Probably can't afford it on a regular basis but for those important pictures, there really is a difference in the quality.

So, thanks to my last class in doodling, I added a little doodling frame around the pictures and a few little dots to my chipboard letters. That's called transfer in teacher speak.
So far, so good!


  1. Those layouts look great!!! I love the doodling and I love the fact that you've written "Glimpses of Jill".

  2. Are you really me? LOL, a lot a like!
    I am a digital scrapper, if you ever want pointers (I am an obsessively self-taught PSCS'er).
    I love the layouts, getting ready to start on mine ....

  3. OH, meant to ask, what doodling class did you take? I have been thinking I would like to take one ....

  4. Hi Jill
    It turned out great! I'm such the doodler. I adore your chipboad title with the paper you used.
    I also like how you took the liberty of using 4 pages. If mine didn't fit, I'd work until I could shove it all in there - ha ha. Hope to get mine done soon. The fam & I went to the Smithsonian today :)