Sunday, July 26, 2009

CYD- Mini book back cover

So here is the back cover of my book. It is also crazy quilted. I thought I would just add my initials and the year. I'm not sure that all the fabrics coordinate but I chose the ones that I liked. Phoebe kept coming up to me as I sewed and pointing and saying "strawberry". I'll have to make her something with this cute strawberry flannel- I have loads of it. This has inspired me to go back to sewing. Maybe I'll make a little crazy quilt for Phoebe's dolly for Christmas.

The inside cover has another pocket. I love the green fabric and had only found a little tiny place for it on the back cover so I used it on the pocket.

So, good start to my book and we'll have to see what exercise awaits for tomorrow's class!

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