Thursday, July 30, 2009

CYD- Fulfilled Dreams

Ok, so I cheated a little bit on this one. I was SUPPOSED to dig deep into my past and find dreams that have been fulfilled. I didn't dig very far and included a picture of my NanoWriMo novel that I wrote this fall (still unrevised BUT 50,000 words) and then about becoming a mother. Writing a novel and becoming a mom are remarkable similar adventures and take HUGE leaps of faith and a belief in the process. So, these are my best fulfilled wishes so far. Oh yes, the little writing is how to achieved our goal.

On a technical note: The "frame" is a piece of overhead that I both stamped on and used a white sharpie on. I made it so it would frame both pieces and am including a picture of the picture framed and unframed.


  1. The frame is a very clever idea. (and it's beautiful)

    Participating (and completing) NoNoWriMo is a huge accomplishments and it doesn't matter it happened recently... That's even a stronger proof for dreams coming true.

    Being a mother is also a great achievement - still on my list of dreams...

  2. I love your frame!!! I do like how you did your layouts ... looking at one the other is framed, and then flip to see the other sides.
    I do have to say I have a white sharpie ... and mine does not work! Everyone talks about how great they are, but I have not been impressed. I wonder if I just got a 'bad' one .... what kind of Sharpie do you have? I ahve the poster paint one ... and where did you find it? If you don't mind me asking ... sorry, I just really want one that works!

  3. Oh, I think it is interesting how you put your dream is being a mom ... yet me becoming a mom fulfilled some of my dreams and wants ... anyway, interesting point of view, I guess.

  4. wonderful way to use the transperancy. It works beautifully as a frame for both pages.