Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cover to "My Dream" book

This is the cover to the book for the Capture Your Dream workshop. The assignment was to embroider your title on fabric and attach it to cardboard and use this as your cover. Obviously, I took liberties. I decided to crazy quilt the cover which I haven't done for about 5 years. It was actually fun to do a small area! The teacher had given us a template for the letters but I just free-formed it in the end. I kinda had to squeeze in the "M" but it definitely shows it's handmade. After all that, I have a blister on my finger from all the sewing. Just this cover took me about 7 hours or so.

On the inside cover, I added a little pocket. Hey, the class is about dreams and there is no better place to put a dream than in a pocket, right?

I also added grommets to the holes. It looks MUCH better than just holes and they were leftover from another project. So, now I only have to do the back cover. Maybe I'll start that later (after I put a bandaid on my blister!)


  1. I love that pocket - what a great idea! I love the colors and fabrics ... a great cover.
    (to answer your question about my cover ... I think I will add to it over time ... using paints, crayons, whatever inspires me ... not sure yet)

  2. Wow, Jill - this is fantastic. Your creativity is overflowing. I loved your quilt idea and the "dream-catching-pocket" is very inspiring!

  3. great job on the cover. it looks so carefree and fun

  4. I'm in LOVE with your cover. Thanks for sharing. I haven't done mine yet & I'm getting ideas :)