Saturday, June 13, 2009

Graduation Mini-Book

Have college graduates where you are stuck about what to give them for graduation?  Here is one idea!  This is a mini-book that I made for our babysitter who has watched Elliot all year.  I left her some options to add pictures and reflections for each month of her first year of college. I made it on a acrylic book from Oriental Trading Company (I think I had to buy 2 to get enough pages) and added page turning tags by just punching circles.  ((The pictures are in reverse order because I can't quite figure out how to upload correctly.))


  1. This looks like a great gift! I like the colors and lettering!

  2. i love it all!! where do you get your letters??

  3. From the dollar booth at the CKC conference. I buy about 10$ worth every year and use them up until I can buy more.